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go to the mattresses

To enter into or prepare for a lengthy war, battle, or conflict; to adopt a combative or warlike position. While the true origin is uncertain, the phrase was popularized in English by The Godfather novel and films, where it referred to warring mafia families housing their soldiers in small, secure apartments to await orders. While Republicans have shown some flexibility over other contentious issues, it looks as though they're ready to go to the mattresses over the issue of gun control. We'll go to the mattresses if that's what it takes to defend ourselves!
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mattress mambo

n. an act of copulation. (Contrived.) I get my exercise doing the mattress mambo.
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As the consumers are shifting towards large houses, the numbers of bedrooms in the houses are also increasing, which is consequently benefitting the mattresses market growth globally.
Theyare the market leader in natural and organic mattresses in Pennsylvania.
Using a process they developed, the company takes what is basically a giant paper shredder and rips apart unwanted mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture.
Therapedic is planning to raise the curtain on the ACafe mattress collection, which will take a place in the company's Kathy Ireland Home line of licensed mattresses.
Devereaux's attempts to get him to consider one of the new mattresses, however, received Joe's immediate objections in unprintable terms.
Replacement mattresses and rails might have dimensions that differ from the original equipment supplied or specified by the bed frame manufacturer.
The scientists randomly assigned 158 people to use firm mattresses and 155 to sleep on medium-firm mattresses.
Replacing old mattresses with both medium-firm and firm mattresses reduced back pain after 90 days.
According to Conigliaro, approximately 150,000 mattresses are thrown away each year in Massachusetts.
The third work, perhaps the most telling in terms of the artist's interest in the potency of the bed as physical and symbolic material, is Suture Mastic, 1994, which presents a small wedge of space between a regular mattress (complete with mirrored headboard, box spring, and bedframe) and four mattresses cantilevered off the mirrored headboard.
It is important to test many mattresses and select the one that evenly supports your body and feels comfortable.
Since February, when the mattresses first became available, the firm has sold 200 to 300 a month by mail order while trying to increase production, Shimizu said.
His Sudbury operation manufactures custom-made mattresses and box springs for furniture retailers and hotels, as well as for tourist outfitters and camps.
HOUSTON -- Mattress Firm (NASDAQ: MFRM), the nation's largest specialty retailer of mattresses and accessories, announced today that it is launching several initiatives to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month this November.