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lay down the marker

To set an authoritative example or standard for others to follow. By intervening in this conflict, our country shall lay down the marker that terrorism cannot and will not go unpunished in any corner of the Earth. Her breakthrough research laid down the marker for geneticists for decades to come.
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put down a marker

COMMON If you put down a marker, you do something that shows people what you are capable of, or what you intend to do in the future. Bates has certainly put down a marker of intent in his ambitions for the title. Note: Verbs such as set and lay can be used instead of put. St Mel's, winners of more titles than any other team, have set down a marker for those who might hope to beat them later in the season.
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n. a personal promissory note; an IOU. Bart signed a marker for $3,000 and handed it to Sam.
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No other chalk marker company tells the customer how much ink is in the markers," the spokesperson said.
The global cell surface markers market can be categorized into instruments and reagents, kits and controls used for cell marker analysis.
7, by the owner of Starr Scrap Metals, who said he had taken in, for the second time in two days, cemetery veteran service grave markers for scrap.
To highlight advantages of this type of marker tests were done for different distances between robot's end-effector and stereo system for all markers.
1) propose prospective follow-up studies as the best design for studying prognostic markers, and this is certainly the case for this class of markers (2).
The Singapore Brent and Singapore Gasoil markers will connect the Asian markets with the European markets, enabling efficient management of risk between the two regions for refiners, producers and hedgers.
Both scenarios will cause movement between the markers defining the local coordinate system of the foot.
Some gas and oil companies also use buried markers to permanently mark pipe routes and road crossings.
Americans United's legal department sent two letters to the VA, demanding approval of the pentacle for use on markers, headstones and plaques.
The posts for post-mounted markers should be made from 24-gauge steel, aluminum or fiberglass.
They analyzed the assay data and developed a much more granular system of mapping markers to blood samples.
Cancer markers most widely used in the detection and treatment of cancer include AFP, CEA, PSA and Ca125.
has just introduced two new "Classic" Fine and Broad Tip Markers to its full line of felt-tip markers.
This Request for Application (RFA) will establish Clinical Proteomics Programs to promote systematic, comprehensive, large-scale validation of existing and new candidate protein markers that are appropriate for routine use in the diagnosis and management of heart, lung, blood, and sleep diseases.
Other well-established predictive markers include the tumor's grade and stage.