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You cannot serve God and mammon.

Prov. You cannot both be a good person and dedicate yourself to making money. (Biblical. Mammon means riches.) The minister warned the businessman that he could not serve God and mammon, and encouraged him to donate some of his wealth to charity.
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the mammon of unrighteousness

wealth ill-used or ill-gained.
This biblical expression comes from Luke 16:9: ‘And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations’. Mammon ultimately comes from Hebrew mamon meaning ‘money or wealth’. In early use, it was used to refer to the devil of covetousness; it later was used as the personification of wealth regarded as an idol or an evil influence.
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Mammon appears, in Book Two of Spenser's Faerie Queene, as a stubborn spokesman for the universal equivalent.
As Landreth puts it early in The Face of Mammon, the "subject of this book" will be "the discursive effects of the presence or absence of coin.
He offers a tale of two cities in history (Babylon and Jerusalem), asks if Mohammed is actually one of the prophets, discusses the choice before human beings (caliph or king), explores the hijira (exodus) from Babel to Jerusalem and from Mecca to Medina, examines the ideals and the reality of the promised city, describes Solomon and the Queen of Sheba/Bilqis in Jerusalem, and describes violence in the city, a prayer of intercession for the city of Sodom, mammon and Moloch, how the victory over the city is viewed, and to whom the victory belongs.
Batman owes his powers to Mammon and does his best in a world already damned.
I just don't care I've lost interest it must be my age My life has just turned over on to another page, Peace and quiet is all I want; materially I have all that I need, To want more would be gratuitous greed, I've lost interest in what's going on in a world Consumed in all that is wrong, I've lost interest in wondering where it's all going to end, Deadly religions, politics corrupted through mammon and greed, Governments intent on making the poor bleed, I've lost interest, I just don't care, it must be my age, I don't want to wish my life away Yet I long for the turning to another page.
Mammon has an entire political party, hand in hand with a religious fundamentalist creed (God rewards the good in this world with this world's goods), scooping up the cream and leaving the middle class with 2 percent, the working class with 1 percent and the poor and unemployed with sour milk.
And the clincher is the modern Tory Party's worship of Mammon.
As one of China's philosophers of religion, Professor He Guanghu, at Renmin University in Beijing told the BBC: "The worship of Mammon .
Mammon introduces a new take on mythology: the idea that humans degenerate and that they become demons.
She said that Zulfiqar Mirza and Sharjeel Mammon are friends.
Paul but Toronto's godless retailers don't care a hoot and intend to impose their search for Mammon on everyone.
Kordofan Sector Mammon Suleiman Taha the acting Director of the Agricultural Bank of Sudan,in recent times brought out that the bank's initiative on the micro-finance aimed 55,000 families in three localities in Kordofan states namely Omruwaba, Abu Zabad and Lagawa at cost of 10 billion pounds.
As for churches - we worship Mammon in supermarkets these days.
To act effectively, Anglicans will need to align themselves with our Creator God, and reject the deceitful claims of Mammon.
Now, in deference to Mammon, we have to move to a Thursday-to-Saturday meeting to increase attendances.