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meet (one's) maker

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my maker today!
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money maker

1. Something that is financially profitable Our company is in a great position these days—our latest software release has been a huge money maker. I can't believe that simple product has been such a big money maker.
2. slang One's buttocks. Often used in the phrase "shake your money maker." I love to go dancing and shake my money maker! Time to hit the gym and tone the money maker!
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the pope's mustard maker

A pompous person, especially one in an insignificant job or role. In the 14th century, Pope John XXII had a personal "moutardier" (mustard-maker), to ensure that his food was properly seasoned. All she does is copy files all day, but she acts like she's the pope's mustard maker. I practically have to beg for a chance to use the copier!
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gone to meet one's maker

Euph. died. Poor old Bob has gone to meet his maker. After a long illness, Reggie went to meet his maker.
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meet your maker

to die I'm afraid Zoe's rabbit is no more. He's gone to meet his maker.
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n. a dangerous horse; anything dangerous: a gun, strong alcohol, etc. I call this stuff widow-maker. It’s really strong.
References in classic literature ?
He had a sense of hot sunshine upon sand, of the children of it least transiently opulent holiday makers in a circle round about him, of the whisper, "They are really gentlemen," and then dollop, dollop came the coppers in the hat.
It was Dick's last ten-pound job; and it did credit to the youthful master's abilities as a workman-like maker of Claudes.
Thus, on a certain night, they set out to fall upon the kraals of the People of the Axe, where dwelt the chief Jikiza, who was named the Unconquered, and owned the axe Groan- Maker, but when they neared the kraal the wolves turned back and fled.
Our Maker bids increase, who bids abstain But our Destroyer, foe to God and Man?
One who is the maker of all the works of all other workmen.
Do you mean that there is no such maker or creator, or that in one sense there might be a maker of all these things but in another not?
Then if he does not make that which exists he cannot make true existence, but only some semblance of existence; and if any one were to say that the work of the maker of the bed, or of any other workman, has real existence, he could hardly be supposed to be speaking the truth.
Beds, then, are of three kinds, and there are three artists who superintend them: God, the maker of the bed, and the painter?
God knew this, and He desired to be the real maker of a real bed, not a particular maker of a particular bed, and therefore He created a bed which is essentially and by nature one only.
Shall we, then, speak of Him as the natural author or maker of the bed?
I will give my whole heart and soul to my Maker if I can,' I answered, 'and not one atom more of it to you than He allows.
Arthur,' continued I, relaxing my hold of his arm, 'you don't love me half as much as I do you; and yet, if you loved me far less than you do, I would not complain, provided you loved your Maker more.
His tale and the feelings he now expressed proved him to be a creature of fine sensations, and did I not as his maker owe him all the portion of happiness that it was in my power to bestow?
My life will flow quietly away, and in my dying moments I shall not curse my maker.
Ah, but he lived in a sweet bachelor- apartment--furnished, on the fifth floor, above the wood and charcoal merchant's, and the dress-maker's, and the chair-maker's, and the maker of tubs--where I knew him too, and wherewith his cognac and tobacco, he had twelve sleeps a day and one fit, until he had a fit too much, and ascended to the skies.