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if the mountain will not come to Mohammed

One must change one's actions accordingly if things do not proceed as one would like them to. A shortening of the phrase "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain." You'll have to go woo investors if they won't come to you. If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.
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If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.

Prov. If things do not change the way you want them to, you must adjust to the way they are. (Mohammed is often used instead of Mahomet. Also the mountain has come to Mahomet, something or someone that you would not expect to travel has arrived. There are many variations of this proverb. See the examples.) The president won't see me so I will have to go to his office. If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain. If Caroline can't leave the hospital on her birthday, we'll have to take her birthday party to the hospital. If the mountain won't come to Mahomet, Mahomet will have to go to the mountain. It's true I don't usually leave my home, but if you can't come to see me, I'll have to come see you. The mountain will come to Mohammed.
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The second chapter places the representations of Mahomet in the context of the Reformation.
When Mahomet was on his hegira from Mecca to Medina he was stopped by agents of his enemies who would probably have killed him were it not for his quick thinking; with a show of piety and glib political promises Mahomet caused them to stay their hands.
Ali Mahomet and a fellow Afghani, Shir Mahomet, left with camels, to act as the emergency relief, if needed.
In contrast, in Samuel Johnson's Irene, Sultan Mahomet puts Irene, his Greek captive, under tremendous pressure to abandon her faith in order to become his wife; Cali reports to Demetrius, "he bad the conqu'ring fair renounce her faith, and be the Queen of Turkey" (1, 123).
Mahomet is a member of the fringe communities of the dorp.
Bashaw, that Rhodes is ours, yield heavens the honour, And holy Mahomet, our sacred prophet; .
of Worthington, OH, and Mark Niswander of Mahomet, IL; daughters, Sue Myers of Hershey, PA, and Jan Will of Romeoville, IL.
En effet, l'auteur souligne le fait que non seulement les religions monotheistes ne s'acceptent pas les unes par rapport aux autres, mais elles divergent aussi quant a certains dogmes de la foi comme l'unicite de Dieu, la trinite ou encore la prophetie de Mahomet (p.
But the daddy of them all has to remain Glyndebourne, deep in the Sussex Downs, and for those of us who can't get there a new series of CDs of some of their finest performances brings the mountain to Mahomet.
Broad allusions to this pagan order constitute the most frequent religious references in the plays, but some characters also look to monotheistic deities, such as the Muslim Mahomet or the Christian God.
The earliest known translation of the Qur'an into English is The Alcoran of Mahomet (1649) by Alexander Ross, who translated it from the French translation L'Alcoran de Mahomet (1647) by Sieur du Ryer.
Under the acquisition, First Financial Bank has added Illinois banking offices in the communities of Bloomington, Champaign, Urbana, Pontiac, Downs, Mahomet and Gridley, and acquired assets of around USD400m.
But league secretary Willie Mahomet said: "The whole ethos of the league is it's for supporters of each club.
Prefixed to the 1649 English translation of The Alcoran of Mahomet, the translator's introduction stages the Turk as a historical actor who, along with English nonconformists, played a crucial role in the unfolding of seventeenth-century England's constitutional crisis following the regicide of King Charles I.