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n. a generic name for a man. (Also a term of address.) Look, Mac, you want to make some big money?


n. a pimp. (From mackerel, a form of which once had the meaning “broker.”) This gal’s mack was slapping her silly when the police came.

mack daddy

n. a man who is popular with the ladies. Sam is a real mack daddy. Sure knows how to treat the ladies.
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mack on someone

1. in. to make a sexual proposition to someone. You try to mack on anything that wears a skirt!
2. in. to make out with someone. Sam is in the back room macking on Mary.
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Eager to stay ahead of environmental compliance regulations and the company's competitors, Art Kroot contacted August Mack Environmental Inc.
And we came together for a positive experience rather than a funeral,'' Mack added.
Unlike either Whitehead or Mack, though, Barnett and Rivers have revealed preference on their side: By 1990, the authors note, 40 percent of families had full-time working husbands and wives (up from 32 percent in 1980); about 60 percent of all married couples have two-earner incomes.
Mack looked at Wandalyn as if telling a joke, "You know him?
Material savings result from the material displaced by the gas, and Mack was also able to use a less expensive resin, Geloy ASA from GE Plastics to maintain the necessary structural and cosmetic properties.
Working with the United Auto Workers, Mack reviewed each step of our manufacturing and assembly process, redesigning workstations, analyzing material flow, determining the optimum sequence of value-adding operational elements, and setting standards.
In a nutshell: Mack the Knife and company, as seedy and lovable as ever, are back in town.
For example, a stereo speaker that Mack builds and ships directly to its customer's customers has to be inspected for sound quality.
So I hear it's been a little hot in the Valley,'' Mack said, letting out a hearty laugh.
He questioned the idea that the department would want to protect either Perez, who's in prison for stealing cocaine from a department evidence locker, or his former partner, Mack.
He's particularly thrilled to have his Mack of choice: Douglas Sills, who blew away audiences in both New York and L.
The gunman has open sores or scabs on his arms and an ``orange complexion,'' and he is ``just sickly looking'' and cadaverlike, Mack said, referring to witness reports.
In the moments after Saul De Santiago was gunned down for no apparent reason, off-duty San Fernando Police Department Officer Marshall Mack was shot in the chin but still managed to chase the gunmen until their capture in Sylmar.
Teddy Mack awoke Sunday morning with leather straps around his arms and legs.
Mack will pay $337 million to aquire ownership interests in 12 class A office properties totaling 1.