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deus ex machina

1. A god in an ancient Greek or Roman play that suddenly appears in the storyline in order to solve a problem or decide an outcome. The Latin phrase translates to "god from a machine," referring to the machinery that lowered it onto the stage. The ancient Greek play makes use of a deus ex machina in which Apollo arrives on stage to restore order among the other characters.
2. An ending in a performance or story that seems too contrived to be believable to the audience. Modern critics often pan 1980s-era television shows for the typical deus ex machina that writers often used to neatly wrap up episodes.
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a deus ex machina

a way of ending a play or event that seems false and that involves problems being dealt with too easily Shakespeare produces a very unsatisfying deus ex machina in 'The Winter's Tale' when a statue of the queen comes to life.
See also: deus, ex, machina
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This enriched Lex Machina data provides a more accurate view than the data provided by the PTO on its PTAB portal.
Leading operators are collaborating with device manufacturers and other players in the M2M value chain to enhance their M2M capabilities, and are looking to global M2M hardware providers such as NetComm Wireless to develop and deploy technologies that support the business model demands of the fast expanding M2M and IoT markets," said Jim Morrish, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Machina Research.
Caption: While other characters contemplate the humanness of the robot Ava (played by Alicia Vikander) in Ex Machina, the film focuses on the humanity of her maker and of the man evaluating her.
Shot largely within the confines of Caleb's state-of-the-art complex, Ex Machina is a deeply disturbing thriller that explores the murky moral ramifications of creating a robot that could pass for human.
This year Internet of Things will be at the top of most carriers agendas; and if it s not, it should be, notes Matt Hatton, founder and CEO of Machina Research.
Just like the recent Oscarcontender Her (2014) featuring Joaquin Phoenix falling for the voice of a software programme, Ex Machina will be worth rewatching every decade to see how far down this potentially dystopian road science has taken us.
TO celebrate the UK release of Ex Machina on January 23, we have teamed up with Cineworld Cinemas and Universal Pictures UK to give readers the chance to win a black Sonos Play 1 wireless hifi system.
A slick and enthralling blend of sci-fi fantasy and psychological thriller, Ex Machina is an absorbing , clever battle of wills between a beautiful robot and the two men in her computerised life.
According to Mashable, a report by Lex Machina, a legal-analytics company in Menlo Park, California revealed that the number is nine more than the next company, Amazon,
Lex Machina scrutinised 6,092 patent-infringement suits filed and found that 13 per cent of the cases were filed against 10companies; three of these 10 companies filed more than 100 lawsuits.
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History and ethnographic analysis combine with religious and scientific details to thoroughly explore the interactions between the two, making Deus in Machina a powerful recommendation for any scholarly spirituality holding.
Matt Hatton, Director, Machina Research, said: "By 2020, there is no doubt we will live in a much more connected world, which will have a fundamental impact on the way we live and work.
THE Smashing Pumpkins are the latest band to get the remastered treatment with EMI confirming plans to issue deluxe versions of all their albums from 1991-200, kicking off with Gish, Siamese Dream and Pisces Iscariot this month, Next year will see upgraded versions of Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, Adore and 1996's five-disc box set The Aeroplane Flies High while in 2013 Machina/The Machines Of God and Machina II/The Friends & Enemies Of Modern Music will be merged into one package, followed by a best-of compilation.
Applying the principle of stochastic dominance for the expected utility function, Machina noted that for three types of investment p,q,r type ([p.