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Pathways Meds Manager is a Windows(R)-based system that integrates with most information systems and automated dispensing devices.
A holder of MEDS who receives cash in lieu of fractional shares of ADSs or Class B shares may be subject, under certain circumstances, to backup withholding at a 31% rate with respect to such cash received unless the Holder provides proof of an applicable exemption or a correct taxpayer identification number and otherwise complies with the applicable requirements of the backup withholding rules.
On January 8, 2002, Med Diversified announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Addus Healthcare, Inc.
Based on this discrepancy, and other factors, Med Diversified has decided to proceed with litigation to protect its interests.
TLCS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Med Diversified, and will continue to be led by the current TLCS management team from its Lake Success headquarters.
Med Diversified is leading a worldwide transition in the medical industry.
The tender offer statement has been filed by Med Diversified with the SEC, while the solicitation/recommendation statement will be filed with the SEC by TLCS.
The final merger would require the approval of TLCS' shareholders at a special meeting called for such purpose (which approval would be assured if Med Diversified acquires at least a majority of the outstanding shares in the tender offer) unless Med Diversified acquires at least 90 percent of the outstanding shares in the tender offer, in which case the merger can be effected promptly after the consummation of the tender offer without a special meeting of shareholders.
In addition, TLCS has granted Med Diversified a "top-up option" to purchase sufficient shares to constitute, when combined with the shares tendered in the offer, 90% of TLCS' outstanding common stock at a price of $1.
Based on the operational efficiencies and leadership of the management of Med Diversified, we are excited to be a part of the vision of an emerging market leader," said Stephen Savitsky, chief executive officer of TLCS.
In a press release issued August 27, 2001, Med Diversified announced financing commitments in excess of $120 million from the Swiss institution.
com, dba Med Diversified (AMEX:MED) -- a leading application service provider of remote healthcare solutions and home health services -- announced today the global availability of its home healthcare and telemedicine products and services.
Under the agreement, Med Advantage will provide the primary source verification services to support Medsite's latest web tool for physicians, "Medsite Credentialing.