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slang Short for McDonald's, an international fast food restaurant chain. Can refer to one of their restaurants, the food that they serve, or the company as a whole. I'm heading to the McD's across the street after class, do you want a burger or anything? Well, it's no wonder you've been putting on weight—you've been eating McD's every day for the last six months! I heard that McD's is looking to buy up yet another fast-food chain.


and McDuck’s
n. McDonald’s, the franchised fast-food restaurant. (Teens and collegiate. The duck is a play on the Walt Disney character Donald Duck.) Can you take McD’s tonight, or do you want some slow food?
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North MCD and East MCD have cleared the salary and arrears till January this year.
The agitating MCD employees joined the march at Civic Centre and proceeded to Rajghat.
MCD is a proliferative disease that acts very much like lymphoma (cancer of lymph nodes).
Besides most councillors who had asked for them in 2009, aren't in power anymore," leader of the house, South MCD, Subhash Arya said.
The bench passed the order after petitioner counsel Ashok Agarwal drew the court's attention about a media report which said that the principal and two other teachers of an MCD primary school had fallen sick after tasting the mid- day meal on Monday.
From next week onwards, we will start distributing the money," Subhash Arya, leader of House in MCD, South said.
Only 1 flat is sealed, why MCD has not taken an action against others.
The CIC levied the penalty under the RTI Act that will now be deducted from the salaries of the two MCD employees, I.
Dr SPM Civic Centre will be the hub of the North and South MCD for the time being.
The MCD told the Delhi High Court on Wednesday there were, in fact, 43,489 safai karamcharis on its payrolls.
The shopkeepers were asked to down shutters until MCD officials finish surveying the building.
SIX MONTHS before the Commonwealth Games started, MCD commissioner K.