Loose lips sink ships

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Loose lips sink ships.

Don't talk carelessly because you don't know who is listening. (From wartime. Literally, "Don't reveal even the location of a loved one on a ship, because the location could be communicated to the enemy by a spy.") You never know who is going to hear what you say and how they will use what they hear. Remember, loose lips sink ships.
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Loose lips sink ships, however, and it doesn't take long before other party guests are verbally torpedoing Ed's closeted hypocrisy.
LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS Gary Mackay-Steven has joined Celtic on a pre-contract agreement from Dundee Utd
That, though, is the situation with which Owen will be confronted - assuming he is fit - if he lines up for Manchester United at the place he once called home a fortnight tomorrow; if he didn't know before, he will soon realise that loose lips sink ships.
And agent provocateur, flanker Jamie Ringer, was left in no doubt loose lips sink ships as Welsh interest in Europe foundered on the banks of the Tyne.
Just as loose lips sink ships, so word of mouth will ensure a short theatrical voyage during the Halloween period, with slightly better forecasts due for homevid.