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SHOWING SOON: Melinda joins Richard Arnold for Loose Lips
So we forgive him for his loose lips and overly ebullient outlook.
It's cucumber," she confesses during a shoot for Living TV chatshow Loose Lips.
The Loose Lips host told Closer magazine: "I said to Wayne, 'Er, I think I might be pregnant' and his jaw hit the ground.
The star, who co-presents Loose Lips chat show on Living TV, said: "I am a size eight with a 32DD bust so I really do know how hard it is to find beautiful lingerie to a FF.
Attorney Kevin Ryan requested a formal Justice Department investigation to hunt down the illegally loose lips.
The CEO has asked Weller to re-orient Moncrief to the board's confidentiality policies, especially reminding him that loose lips sink ships.
Based on the play by John Jeter, Tricks looks at the loose lips that fueled the Watergate scandal.
The Defense Department: Catchphrases can't win a war unless they're loose lips sinking ships.
Tenders are invited for Roller Bearing Nbc For High Speed Bogie Rb 5020 2 Nos With Special Loose Lips Rb 5021, Rb 5022 To Bore 150 Mm X Od 270 Mm X Width 80 Mm To M/S Nei Drg.
seminar uses DVD scenarios, group discussions and workbook to help sensitize employees to the dangers of loose lips by:
EastEnders BBC One Wales Loose lips are yet again sinking ships as one of Ian's lies finds him out.
STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL'S LOOSE LIPS (The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles)
She has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, released a workout video, and hosted Loose Lips for LivingTV and various other shows for ITV.