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Johnson gave the ball away first but the cross shouldn't have worried anyone until Green and Upson got in each other's way, forcing the captain to look lively before most fans had even sat down.
The Arbroath keeper had to look lively when he saved a Chris Templeman shot, then Greg McDonald headed wide.
LOOK lively this spring and take part in one of the many guided health walks across St.
In the closing seconds Broto had to look lively to hold a dangerous looking cross from youngster Neil McDonald but on the final whistle the visitors had the champagne corks popping in the knowledge that the championship had been secured with Premier Division football going to Almondvale next season.
But the hot-shot, who goes from trap 6, will need to look lively at the boxes because local bitch Be Bopa Lilly (trap 5) is expected to turn right out of the boxes.
He will need to look lively at the start drawn outside Mays Millhouse, but if clearing that rival can quickly settle the issue.
LOOK lively at Newbury today and you can get one over on the bookies.