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What am I, chopped liver?

A semi-serious expression of frustration, anger, or indignation at having been overlooked and/or regarded as inferior. The phrase likely originated as a part of Jewish humor, referring to the serving of chopped liver as a common side dish (thus overlooked in favor of the main course), the taste of which many do not find appealing. A: "Mary is so smart, talented, and creative, I wish she were my best friend!" B: "And what am I then, chopped liver?" They said they wanted to hire someone else for the job. What am I, chopped liver?
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Cowardly or fearful. I'm not surprised that Tom didn't come to the rally—he's too lily-livered to defend his beliefs in public.

chopped liver

n. someone or something worthless. And who am I? Chopped liver?
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mod. cowardly. That lily-livered guy is up hiding under his bed till this blows over.
References in classic literature ?
Gollop, when he came to inquire about the liver and the blue-pill.
So, back to the whitewashed library of the monastery--with that liver still in shrieking requisition, as it had been loudly, while they looked at the silent sight they came to see--and there through the merits of the case as summed up by the Abbot.
P'raps he might ha' throw'd a small light on that 'ere liver complaint as we wos a-speakin' on, just now.
Within a week, the animals' livers grew by 30 percent.
The endothelial cells around large vessels in the livers of mice treated with Pb+LPS showed phosphorylated p42/44 MAPK, but the hepatocytes did not (data not shown).
The concept of liver regeneration in human adult livers has been revolutionized in the last decades with the discovery of a hepatic stem cell compartment which is able to regenerate hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells after hepatic injury.
2) For other people, finding out that their livers were being irreversibly scarred helped them stop using alcohol.
Laboratory studies suggested that Rezulin played havoc with the livers and hearts of rodents.
Unlike Riverside Community, Loma Linda transplants livers, in addition to kidneys and pancreas and combined kidney/pancreas transplants.
In contrast with patients with cirrhosis, these patients have more normal sized livers, are in good physical shape, and do not have associated bleeding problems.
StemCells has previously demonstrated a reliable method for the prospective identification and isolation of hLEC, and has more recently demonstrated that hLEC can be obtained from livers that are not suitable for use in whole organ transplants.
Lisa Colletti of the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor and her colleagues now report that there is a surprisingly large supply of SCF in the livers of mice.
Specific staining showed early fibrosis by day 15 in the livers of the C57BL/6J (Figure 1C) but not BALB/c mice (Figure 1D); fibrosis was more extensive in both strains by day 22 (Figure 1E, F).
An organization that controls the allocation of organs for transplant voted Thursday to change substantially the rules for determining which dying patients get livers, giving those with the best prospects of survival top priority.
Hepatocytes express drug-metabolizing enzymes that biotransform drugs or substances ingested into the body, so they help predict the effect of a compound on human livers.