last call

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last call (for something)

 and last chance (for something)
Fig. the last opportunity for doing, getting, or having something. This is the last call for ice cream and cake. It's almost all gone.
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References in classic literature ?
My father gives Geoffrey a last chance, if Geoffrey will only take it.
If the chance of forcing a confession from the Count is, as I believe it to be, the last chance left of publicly establishing the fact of Laura's existence, the least selfish reason that I can advance for our marriage is recognised by us both.
If they lose to-morrow, they may lose the last chance of finding her.
Julie was at that stage in the life of a society woman when she feels that her last chance of marrying has come and that her fate must be decided now or never.
I was hard pressed to defend myself and yet not strike down Sab Than and, with him, my last chance to win the woman I loved.
Come, Conseil," said I, "this is the last chance of pocketing the two thousand dollars.
It was also my last night in town, and I did want to give the beggars their last chance.
Working silently, knowing that it was his last chance, I fancied that here he must have said all that he knew of life and all that he divined.
I saw that the last chance had the best show, but I didn't waste any bother about that; time was too precious.
Should any other accompany you, or should I see suspicious characters who might be agents of the police, I shall not meet you, and your last chance of recovering your son will be gone.
The sun will be rising in a few minutes: and, though I have basely defrauded you of your last chance of a night's rest here, I'm sure you'll forgive me: for I really couldn't bring myself to say
Old scores could be settled, and it was the last chance, for the blacks who departed on the Arangi never came back.
The last chance of penetrating the mystery of Ferrari's disappearance seemed to rest now on what Ferrari's former fellow-servant might be able to tell.
No, not us; he might be our last chance, and I shouldn't wonder.
My behaviour may seem small, but I gave her a last chance, for I said that some people found it a book there was no putting down until they reached the last page.