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be as happy as Larry

To be in very good spirits. The phrase's origin is unknown, but it may refer to Australian boxer Larry Foley. I was as happy as Larry when I found out that I'd gotten an A on my hardest exam.
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happy as Larry

If you are as happy as Larry, you are very happy. I gave her a police badge to wear on her sleeve and she was as happy as Larry. Note: `Larry' may refer to the successful Australian boxer Larry Foley (1847-1917). Alternatively, `Larry' may come from `larrikin', a 19th century word for a hooligan or ruffian, used mainly in Australia.
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(as) happy as the day is ˈlong/as a ˈclam/as ˈLarry

(informal) very happy: Grandpa’s as happy as a clam helping the children to fly their kites.
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References in classic literature ?
Well, I have not had good luck," said Larry, "that's where it is.
Thank you, my dear," replied old Larry, greatly pleased.
She proved an easier puzzle than old Larry, and when she was completed they found her a pleasant old lady who welcomed them cordially.
Even the lads and lassies giggled and snickered over their part in the affair, narrating with gusto how Larry had jumped on my chest and slept under the bridge, how So-and-So had slept out in the sandhills that night, and what had happened to the other lad who fell in the ditch.
Larry's VA benefits advisor told them that they could get more help from the government based on problems Larry was having managing their money.
Dale Hemmerdinger, President of Realty Foundation / ATCO; Larry Silverstein, Honoree, Chairman Emeritus of Realty Foundation / Silverstein Properties being presented with mounted silver-plated shoes and crazy sox Jerry Cohen, Chairman of Realty Foundation /Tishman Speyer
Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco" is the latest in the pooch travelogue series that features everyone's favorite wandering tourist, Larry and his owner Pete.
And everybody wearing them says if you knew Larry Ragsdale, you'd love him, too.
Larry Henderson died in London, Ontario, late November 2006 at the age of 89.
ONE of the legendary stalwarts of the Showband and Country music scene, Larry Cunningham, is the featured guest on the new RTE series, A Little Bit Country, on Sunday evening at 7.
A "punk rock dropout" who edited a department store's newspaper ads before moving to Hustler in 1983, Allan MacDonell spent 20 years climbing the greasy pole at Larry Flynt Publications.
This was all, as Larry puts it, "for some reason or another," and is demonstrative of the adventurous spirit, desire to push himself, and love of sport that have sustained him for his entire life.
The story is told through the eyes of 12-year-old Larry, an observant boy who notices the changes that are rolling through his group of classmates--and himself.
The hiring turned out to be a disaster, and once again Larry was right.