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body language

Any gesture, posture, or movement of the body or face to nonverbally communicate emotions, information, or emphasis. His voice was calm and steady, but his body language was quite hostile and threatening. Many US presidents develop signature body language that one can easily recognize when they are speaking in public.
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loaded language

Words that are used in an attempt to sway someone, often by appealing to their emotions. Once you're able to recognize loaded language, you'll be far less likely to be fooled by commercials and politicians.
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private language

1. A way of communicating that is shared between and understood by only a few people. My sister and I have had our own private language ever since we were girls—our brothers still can't understand it! After working together for so many years, Ellen and I have a private language that is all our own.
2. philosophy A type of inner language only comprehensible to a single person. The concept was introduced by Ludwig Wittgenstein, who argued that it could not exist. The concept of private language is still a topic of debate among philosophers, especially due to its potential ramifications for metaphysics.
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artificial language

A language devised for a specific purpose, such as computer programming. We need to develop an artificial language for this coding project.
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*in plain language

 and *in plain English
Fig. in simple, clear, and straightforward language. (*Typically: be ~; put something [into] ~; say something ~; write something ~.) That's too confusing. Please say it again in plain English. Tell me again in plain language.
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language that would fry bacon

Rur. profanity; swearing; curse words. ("Hot" language.) He carried on in language that would fry bacon. I was shocked when I heard that sweet little girl use language that would fry bacon.
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speak someone's language

Fig. to say something that one agrees with or understands. I gotcha. Now you're speaking my language. Mary speaks Fred's language. They get along fine.
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speak the same language

1. Lit. [for two or more people] to communicate in a shared language. These two people don't speak the same language and need an interpreter.
2. Fig. [for people] to have similar ideas, tastes, etc. Jane and Jack get along very well. They really speak the same language about almost everything. Bob and his father didn't speak the same language when it comes to politics.
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use foul language

Euph. to swear. There's no need to use foul language. When she gets angry, she tends to use foul language.
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use strong language

Euph. to swear, threaten, or use abusive language. I wish you wouldn't use strong language in front of the children. If you feel that you have to use strong language with the manager, perhaps you had better let me do the talking.
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Watch your mouth!

 and Watch your tongue! Watch your language!
Inf. Pay attention to what you are saying!; Do not say anything rude! Hey, don't talk that way! Watch your mouth! Watch your tongue, garbage mouth!
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speak the same language

Understand one another very well, agree with each other, as in Negotiations went on for days, but finally both sides realized they weren't speaking the same language . This term, alluding to literal understanding of spoken words, dates from the late 1800s.
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speak the same language

If people speak the same language, they have the same views about things or want to achieve the same things. Like Castle, Wilson had been brought up in a similar way, and they spoke the same language. We have to make sure that the seller and the customer are both speaking the same language.
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speak the same language

understand one another as a result of shared opinions and values.
1990 New Age Journal I translate between Greenpeace-speak and record industry-speak, because the two groups just don't speak the same language.
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mind/watch your ˈlanguage

be careful about what you say in order not to upset or offend somebody: Watch your language, young man!
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speak/talk the same/a different ˈlanguage

share/not share ideas, experiences, opinions, etc., that make real communication or understanding possible: Unions and managers are at last beginning to speak the same language.Artists and scientists simply talk a different language.

speak someone’s language

tv. to say something that one agrees with or understands. I gotcha. Now you’re speaking my language.
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Watch your mouth!

and Watch your tongue!
exclam. Pay attention to what you are saying!; Do not say anything rude! Hey, don’t talk that way! Watch your mouth! Listen, potty-mouth! Watch your tongue!
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