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A CROOKED bookkeeper known as Lady Bountiful is at the centre of new embezzlement claims.
The sister taught me a lesson I have never forgotten - not to play Lady Bountiful to make myself feel good.
He [Southey] conceives that the business of the magistrate is not merely to see that the persons and property of the people are secure from attack, but that he ought to be a jack-of-all-trades--architect, engineer, school-master, merchant, theologian, a Lady Bountiful in every parish, a Paul Pry in every house, spying, eavesdropping, relieving, admonishing, spending our money for us, and choosing our opinions for us.
The best character in this series is not the social climbing Leona, nor the perennial cadger Charles, but a ridiculous Irish poet who appears in only one story, a "waif" invited to Christmas dinner by a smug Lady Bountiful.
She set about improving the "most neglected hamlet", becoming known as a proper Lady Bountiful.
Nor is it Lady Bountiful liberalism --show how you can spend Washington's money.
Most notably, the photographic portrait of Gissing's lady bountiful from the landed gentry, Mrs.
Also like her mother in law, Peggy Sharpe-a longtime environmentalist-has proved to be a Lady Bountiful for Providence.
Can't she be Lady Bountiful in Malawi without expecting a prize in return?
In good years I'm often to be seen staggering into the office with bagfuls of over-sized courgettes, distributing them like a lady bountiful.
Evan Thomas and General Editor Susannah Meadows report on the squabble surrounding Brooke Astor, who at 104, was for many years New York City's seemingly ageless Lady Bountiful.
We have a Queen and a clutch of Windsors to play at Lord and Lady Bountiful.
Lady Bountiful is on King Street West in Manchester and Alice has recently moved from her native Southport to be nearer the business.
Tracey Keppie, nicknamed Lady Bountiful, was due in court last week to admit taking just pounds 20,000.
I got a categorical assurance from Lady Bountiful that half price actually meant half price, and that we didn't need to incur half the national debt by ordering fifteen acres of glass for every door and window in the house in order to qualify for her largesse.