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lead nowhere

To ultimately yield or achieve no useful, beneficial, or successful result or outcome. This meeting is leading nowhere. We've been here for over two hours now and haven't even been able to come up with a name for our product! It appears that talks between Democrats and Republicans on a compromised spending bill have led nowhere.
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lead (one) around by the nose

To exert a high degree of control over someone else. I can't stand the way your mother leads you around by the nose like that and tells you what to do!
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lead a cat and dog life

Of spouses or romantic partners, to have a life together typified by arguments, fights, and disagreements. They were so happy when they first started dating, but after 10 years together, they've started leading a cat and dog life.
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lead the line

To be the first person in a line of people. All right, kids, who wants to lead the line when we walk to lunch today?
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lead (one) to the altar

To marry someone. I can't believe it's only a month until I lead her to the altar!
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