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ginger knob

vulgar derogatory A person, typically a man, with naturally red hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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necker's knob

dated A rounded knob mounted to the steering wheel of an automobile so that it may be steered with one hand. So called because the driver (typically male) is able to place his arm around his girlfriend or wife. My grandfather gave me his old Cadillac, which still had the necker's knob on the wheel from when he first started courting my grandmother.
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with (brass) knobs on

In a much more extreme form. I've been to both, and I can tell you that Carnival is like Mardi Gras with knobs on. Your report is like my report with brass knobs on—it's 30 pages longer!
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with knobs (or brass knobs) on

and something more. British informal
1998 Pi Magazine But all this would count for zilch if the music didn't stand the test of time. But it does, with knobs on.
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with ˈknobs on

(British English, slang) used to say that something is a more complicated version of what you mention: It isn’t art — it’s just a horror movie with knobs on!
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get one’s knob polished

tv. to copulate or otherwise have sex. (Refers to a male. Usually objectionable.) Man, if you want to get your knob polished, just let me know. I got girls! I got girls you wouldn’t believe!
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necking knob

A swivel on a car's steering wheel. The necking knob enables the driver to steer with his left hand while encircling his girlfriend's shoulder with his right arm. Even when the driver was alone, the knob was an easy way to turn the car in the days before power steering.
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Generally, the largest concentric knob closest to the panel does certain functions consistently from one avionics system to another.
Oblong and rectangular knobs that fasten with a single screw are notorious for twisting over time.
It also was proven that the new High Torque retention knobs, when tightened to the same torque value as standard retention knobs, expanded the toolholder shank two or three times less than standard knobs.
Some of the feathers may have not been attached to quill knobs.
The new PD Series three-arm knob is designed to allow users to make clamping adjustments by pushing/pulling the arm for leverage as opposed to simultaneously having to squeeze and turn the knob.
He said: "It's hard to believe that we began producing leather covered gear knobs less than a decade ago and we now supply nearly three per cent of the global market.
Usually, the process is found on the center stack control knobs of premium vehicles," he continues, "though it also can be found on the VW Group's Polo and Skoda Fabia models as well.
The management of all three components gives the papermaker the tools to adjust his or her mechanical and operational knobs.
The UV Fluorescent and Phosphorescent options can be incorporated in the white indicator line on all two-shot push-on and two-shot collet knobs irrespective of whether the outer body is hard or soft touch material.
New product offerings include stainless steel pipe fittings and anti-microbial knobs.
Their spiral glass knobs, pictured below, in fabulous lollipop colours are fun.
Originally developed for military operations, where levers represent a potential hazard in narrow hallways, the knobs are available in satin brass, satin chrome, and bright brass to match lock finishes.
Lever handles offer a nice decorative touch and are considerably easier to use than round knobs," Tannenbaum says.
The former jewelry designer saw home hardware - cabinet knobs, switch plates and towel racks - as an industry begging for innovation and eight years ago created the Glendale-based Atlas Homewares company.
The scope's finger-adjustable windage and elevation adjustment knobs are shorter than target-style knobs, but only slightly taller than standard coin adjustable knobs.