kill (one) with kindness

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kill (one) with kindness

To harm, inconvenience, or bother one by treating them with excessive favor or kindness. The phrase originated as the expression "kill with kindness as fond apes do their young," referring to the notion that such animals sometimes crushed their offspring by hugging them too hard. I love talking to Grandma, but she calls me twice a day to see how I'm doing—right now she's killing me with kindness.
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kill someone with kindness

Fig. to be enormously kind to someone. You are just killing me with kindness. Why? Don't kill them with kindness.
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kill with kindness

Overwhelm or harm someone with mistaken or excessive benevolence. For example, Aunt Mary constantly sends Jane chocolates and cake and other goodies, even though she's been told Jane's on a diet-nothing like killing with kindness . This expression originated as kill with kindness as fond apes do their young (presumably crushing them to death in a hug) and was a proverb by the mid-1500s.
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kill someone with kindness

If you kill someone with kindness, you treat them too kindly when this is not what they need or want. `He is killing me with kindness,' Sallie says. `He's just too attentive.'
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kill someone with (or by) kindness

spoil someone by overindulging them.
This expression dates back to the mid 16th century; it famously appears in the title of Thomas Heywood's play A Woman Killed with Kindness ( 1607 ).
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ˌkill somebody with ˈkindness

harm somebody by being too kind to them, usually without realizing what you are doing: The patient needs lots of exercise. Don’t let him stay in bed — you’ll kill him with kindness. OPPOSITE: be cruel to be kind
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There is a perfect way to satisfy an unhappy customer: No matter how many times they complain, no matter how trivial the complaint may seem -- whether you are the manufacturer, the distributor, the buyer, the sales clerk, the store manager -- you kill them with kindness, understanding and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
I realize their jobs can be difficult when dealing with the general public, but I learned a long time ago: Kill them with kindness and smile.
Unless you understand deer physiology, you could kill them with kindness.
Kill them with kindness - say, "I'm really happy for you both
Made up of students all under the age of 19, the South Birmingham acts are RnB/indie outfit The Artisanz, acoustic duo Two Sides To A Story, Indie rockers Daybreak and metal group Kill Them With Kindness.
We try to kill them with kindness and have all the amenities we can so that they'll come back.
Miss Bratford sure does change our offense; instead of swinging away we had to kill them with kindness,'' said Chatsworth coach Bud Dow.
Kill them with kindness - just say, 'I'm really happy for you both