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Keystone Kops leaps to mind, but this wouldn't be fair to the hard-working beat bobby who puts his life on the line, and has to rely on equipment totally inadequate for the job, bought by bosses who seem totally detached from reality.
It was a Keystone Kops comedy routine as Emre Can hacked a straightforward clearance that pinballed off Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho to allow Romelu Lukaku to smash home.
There's been some Keystone Kops defending from the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
They could send the 'Feds' to guard our shops Or the UK branch of the Keystone Kops.
One, A Desperate Poaching Affray, was one of the first chase dramas seen in the States and according to US academics helped inspire the chase film genre which culminated in the Keystone Kops comedies.
I blame the whole World Cup pre-occupation with tempo on pundit Francois Pienaar, whose every utterance is based on pace - his perfect match would be played between the Keystone Kops and the Keystone Kops with the entire commentary done with the aid of helium.
Likening the stunt to a farcical film, Brad Stephens, defending, said: "The offence itself is reminiscent of the old Keystone Kops when you've got somebody trying to steal a fridge, banging it down every stair when people are sitting downstairs and can hear everything.
But there was to be no reprieve for Wolves in the 19th minute when a Keystone Kops moment gift-wrapped the home side a deserved lead.
The West Midlands is certainly the best police force in the UK, making some other policing operations look a tad like the Keystone Kops.
last week said that federal investigators in the salmonella case reminded him of Keystone Kops, adding that an investigation that should have taken hours or days instead has stretched on for weeks and months, AP reports that officials from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and FDA, which share responsibility for handling outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, found themselves on the defensive at the hearing.
The new version of the musical, which is based on the real-life bittersweet love affair between silent movie director Mack Sennett, creator of the Keystone Kops, and comedienne Mabel Normand, the heroine of his two-reeler films - will run at Gala Theatre in Durham until Saturday.
They include a ringmaster, muscle men, keystone kops, clowns, and flappers.
The overall effect is mildly amusing, unthreateningly naughty and only subversive if you've never seen a Keystone Kops reel.
Among the kneejerk reactions to Boro's Keystone Kops defensive display at Reading was a growing clamour for the boss to dust off his boots.
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