Keep your mouth shut

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Keep your mouth shut (about someone or something).

Fig. Do not tell anyone about someone or something. Bob: Are you going to see the doctor? Mary: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about it. Bob: Isn't Tom's uncle in tax trouble? Jane: Yes, but keep your mouth shut about him.
See also: keep, mouth, shut
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They haven't even qualified for Europe, so it really pays to keep your mouth shut when you are on top and let your team do the talking.
I always took (Raymond) Chandler's advice on working in Hollywood, which was to wear your second-best suit, artistically speaking, and keep your mouth shut.
But if you don't plan to follow through," says Walt Fauerso, "you better keep your mouth shut.
When you're on the bus on Friday, you were told to keep your mouth shut and be focused on the game, and on Saturday you did.
Unless you have been in the situation and had the experience, you should keep your mouth shut.
If you keep your mouth shut, nobody will call you names.
I've never been through anything as strenuous - waiting around and having to keep your mouth shut and not speak up.
You're still beautiful, baby girl but next time keep your mouth shut - and I'll do the same.
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