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ka me, ka thee

Help me, and I'll help you. The phrase is likely Scottish in origin. If you drive me to work today, I'll buy you pizza this weekend. Ka me, ka thee, right?
See also: ka, thee


and Ka-ching!
exclam. the sound of a cash register, said to indicate money or imply a financial motive or success. Just got another big order. Ka-ching! Tell, me what’s important, dude. Ching! Right?


See Ching!
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A working group headed by Irrigation Minister Amanatullah Khan Shadi Khel recommended several projects for these districts, including Rs5,000 million Kas Omer Khan canal remodeling project with a barrage at the River Kurram.
The new challenges facing KAS are also indicated by Minister Teresa Czerwi?
Moving further east, the programs of the KAS in Southeast Asia aim at the ongoing ASEAN integration process and anti-corruption measures in eight countries.
Olgu 2--Kirk iki yasinda kadin olgunun oykusunden yakinmalarinin co cukluk yaslarinda kosmada zorluk seklinde basladigi, 25 yaslarinda kas kuvvetsizliginin belirgin hale geldigi ogrenildi.
The new KAS contains rules aimed at increasing access to transplantation for candidates in the B blood group by offering kidneys from a subset of A or AB blood group donors to B blood group recipients (OPTN, 2015a).
Ekstraokuler kas hasarinin yerlesimi, tipi ve siddetini tanimlamak icin orbital bilgisayarli tomografi (BT) ve MR gereklidir.
And indeed, the President of KAS, Hans-Gert PE[micro]ttering, explained in an interview that the minister of international cooperation in February 2012 told him personally that Germany and the KAS were "friends of Egypt".
KAS derives its competitiveedge from the able leadership ofMr.
We note, in this regard, that the Arthasastra presents an interesting reinterpretation of the four feet just a few verses later, at KAS 3.
Kas itself, once a quiet little fishing village, has managed to remain relatively unspoilt by the tourism it relies on and the old town - a tangle of cobbled streets, leading down to a harbour - is a delightful place to wander, shop and eat.
Lari dusme sikliginin ilerleyen yasla arttigini ama sadece %44 oraninda cevresel faktorlere bagli oldugunu ve geriye kalan buyuk bolumunu olusturan cevresel olmayan faktorlerden en onemlisinin postural denge ve alt ekstremite kas kuvvetindeki azalmalar oldugunu ifade etmislerdir (13).
Pelvik taban kaslari, uretral kapanma basincini saglayan ve pelvik organlara (uretra, vagina ve rektum) yapisal ve fonksiyonel destek veren kas gruplaridir.
ronny Heine said this while speaking at the seminar "Current Issues on Taxation Laws" held by the Society for Enforcement of rule of Law, in collaboration with the KAS.
Honalu bed linen by Kas is bold and beautiful, from PS20 at houseoffraser.
The bride's parents would pay KPSC members the " bribe amount" so that the candidate gets a high score in the personality test round and becomes a KAS officer.