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no way, José

1. Absolutely not; no chance. A: "Billy, please unload the dishwasher for me." B: "No way, José! It's Janet's turn." A: "Can I have the rest of your cake?" B: "No way, José—I'm still eating!"
2. An expression of surprise in response to a positive occurrence, perhaps one that was thought to be unlikely. A: "Jim got an A on his final exam!" B: "No way, José! That's great news!
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No way, José!

phr. No! (An elaboration of No. José is pronounced with an initial H.) Sorry. No can do. No way, José!
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References in classic literature ?
His name was Jose da Silvestra, and he lived three hundred years ago.
I, Jose da Silvestra, who am now dying of hunger in the little cave here no snow is on the north side of the nipple of the southernmost of the two mountains I have named Sheba's Breasts, write this in the year 1590 with a cleft bone upon a remnant of my raiment, my blood being the ink.
Eu Jose da Silvestra que estou morrendo de fome na pequena cova
Despite the fact that Jake Ejercito belongs to a famous and opulent clan, Jose assured that Eigenmann could raise and provide for her daughter well.
For the second consecutive night, San Jose had a big third period against the Ducks.
This purchase and the planned improvements will play a significant role in advancing San Jose's recycling infrastructure," Mark Arsenault, general manager of Norcal Waste Systems of San Jose, says.
Jose worked hard, wanting to prove he could tackle the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test in English.
The calm blue waters and palm tree-lined white sands of Isla Tortuga is accessible through tour operator Calypso Tours, which provides bus transportation from San Jose to Puntarenas and boat transportation to the island on a luxury catamaran, complete with music and cocktails.
Venues: The Joyce Theater in New York City, Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, and other performing arts centers, theaters, colleges, and universities
Randal O'Toole of the Tho-reau Institute, an Oregon-based free -market environmentalist think tank, estimates that urban growth boundaries that limit available land, combined with land use regulations that make building more expensive and time-consuming, have tripled housing costs in San Jose compared to those in similar cities.
Although there were many outstanding applications, the first committee meeting had such a positive response to Jose that he was selected by an overwhelming vote on the first ballot.
Employees of the San Jose, California, Resident Agency of the FBI took this challenge to heart and searched for opportunities in their community.
San Jose has established itself as the second-best team in the Western Conference, if not the entire NHL.
Jose already took the state's Reading Proficiency Test in English this March.