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Look here," he said, taking his seat at the tiller, "this is my show, Job Rowsell.
It's a poor job, sailing a pleasure boat," he muttered.
Job Rowsell took a long breath and filled a pipe with tobacco.
Job Rowsell started at them both, then he drew a flask from his pocket and took a long pull.
And happy day or not, Job Taylor wasn't long in marrying again, you might notice.
But Job Rudkin and Harry Winburn were the stars--the former stiff and sturdy, with legs like small towers; the latter pliant as indiarubber and quick as lightning.
Then indeed for months he had a poor time of it; it was not long indeed before he could manage to keep his legs against Job, for that hero was slow of offence, and gained his victories chiefly by allowing others to throw themselves against his immovable legs and loins.
And after a slight resistance on the part of Job Trotter, Sam led his newly-found friend to the apartment of Mr.
I am very sorry to betray my master, sir,' said Job Trotter, applying to his eyes a pink checked pocket-handkerchief about six inches square.
I know it is my duty, Sir,' replied Job, with great emotion.
It is a large, old, red brick house, just outside the town, Sir,' replied Job Trotter.
That's true enough, and we'll talk till the cows come home of the killing of Charlie Williams or of Simon Bird, or any other job in the past.
It was clearly some notable job which needed numbers.
Scanlan and McMurdo made their way back; Scanlan somewhat subdued, for it was the first murder job that he had seen with his own eyes, and it appeared less funny than he had been led to believe.
See here, my lad," said he, "I've got a job that's worthy of you at last.