Job's comforter

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Job's comforter

Someone who makes a person feel worse about a situation when trying to offer sympathy. A reference to the Biblical story of Job, who showed great faith amid difficult circumstances. Larry is a real Job's comforter. I know he was just trying to offer comforting words, but he made Maggie feel worse about her financial situation.
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a Job's comforter

a person who aggravates distress under the guise of giving comfort.
In the Bible, Job was a prosperous man whose patience and piety was tested by a series of undeserved misfortunes. The attempts of his friends to comfort him only add to his sense of despair and he tells them: ‘miserable comforters are ye all’ (Job 16:2). Despite his ordeals, he remains confident of the goodness and justice of God and in the end he is restored to his former situation.
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a ˌJob’s ˈcomforter

(old-fashioned) a person who is sympathetic but says things which make you feel even more unhappy than you are already: Ann came to see me when I was in hospital. She was a real Job’s comforter! She told me about somebody who had the same operation as me, and then died a month later.Job is a character in the Bible. His friends pretended to comfort him but were actually criticizing him.
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Such philosophizing, as Job's comforters found out, never goes down well with those who actually have to do the suffering.
But the book is a triumphant rebuttal of those Job's comforters Pearsall mentions who argued (often simultaneously) that a life of Chaucer had been done, could not be done, and was not worth doing.
As a practicing doctor, I became aware of the modern day equivalent of Job's comforters.
The poem's concluding two lines are an extra stroke of wise genius, bringing us back to our own helplessness before others' misfortunes and our almost comic efforts to help them bear it, to be Job's comforters.
WE'VE probably all met Job's Comforters - people who tell us they're trying to help, but leave us feeling worse, instead of better.
I was delighted to see that all the Job's Comforters who had forecast little public interest in her death were proved totally and irrefutably wrong.