J. Edgar Hoover

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J. Edgar (Hoover)

(ˈdʒe ˈɛdgɚ (ˈhuvɚ))
n. the police; federal officers. (Underworld.) Max got out of town when he heard that the J. Edgars were on his tail.
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Combining family Oral History with local and federal genealogical data created this fascinating saga of her common ancestry with J.
Farquhar has to stretch to find something on Franklin Pierce, but there's real meat on Jefferson, LBJ, J.
Underworld is, in part, an examination of circulation, whether marking a meeting of powerful men at that game - J.
both in the pages of Vanity Fair and in a book en, titled Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J.
Command College and the FBI Academy where he was number one in his class earning the J.
The veteran actress is starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Watts in the biopic of former FBI director J.
The JB S-affiliated magazine American Opinion--a predecessor of THE NEW AMERICAN--published Skousen's tribute to J.
Third, there obviously has not been a gay person who passed security clearance to become an agent since J.
Thus, we find [Barry Goldwater] deploring the 'emasculation' of the FBI and CIA and lauding the imperious, bigoted J.
As gay people everywhere donned Patsy Cornwell deputy-detective drag, the manhunt made clear that there hasn't been a gay man in the FBI since J.