It's not cricket

It's not cricket.

 and It's not kosher.
It's not done.; It's not acceptable. You can't do that! It's not cricket!
See also: cricket, not

it’s (just) not ˈcricket

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) it is not a fair or an honourable action or way of behaving
See also: cricket, not
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Dubai: It's not cricket all the way for Mumbai Indians team.
I'm not sure what's the right term in Australian terminology, I guess it's not cricket to do these kinds of things," Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters during a visit in Perth.
Daniel Radcliffe appears on The Third Man and Neil Finn of Crowded House sings the final chorus on the album's closer, Nudging And Nurdling, while commentary royalty Henry Blofeld and David "Bumble" Lloyd make cameos on It's Not Cricket and Boom Boom Afridi, a tribute to Pakistan's aggressive batsman Shahid Afridi, respectively.
SHORTSTOP When you're born, perhaps with a talent One simply must not remain silent Go for it, and try your best Become qualified, then go west Don't think you control your life You'll never cut money, with a bread knife It matters not the course your world takes You'll be in the next one in two shakes No matter how hard you may strive No one ever escapes alive So in the whole scheme of things One needs power and a pair of wings You may want to say "Oh Stick it" Life can be sweet, but it's not cricket So you've missed it, whoops it's gone That's the time to move on Jock Brownlee Wood End, Coventry.
IT'S NOT CRICKET Graham Onions IN THE CLUB Left, Alan Shearer and Jonathan Edwards at the Prince's Trust golf tournament at Slaley Hall; right, Rob Lee and John Beresford
QSo if it's not cricket, what sport is your favourite and which teams do you follow?
It's not cricket," Bedi said, hinting that some instructions might have been given to the franchisees.
AS for me, well I'm not that far away from the England training camp in Abu Dhabi, but it's not cricket that's brought me to the Gulf but golf.
It is very humorous and will appeal to everyone - but it's not cricket.
It's not cricket, it's football and it can be the harshest of ball games
Left, ball KENT MAKING THE CUT Alex Adams with England team crest on lawn LIVERPOOL RAY OF LIGHT Illuminations at university WORLD CUP BUG Ant with a rice flag at insect expo BRISTOL BARMY ARMY Lee Bray's graffitied home LEEDS IT'S NOT CRICKET Fans show their support for the Beautiful Game at the Cricketers Arms DEVON GARDEN OF ENGLAND Monty Elliott, 84, shows off flowerbed in East Budleigh FOOTIE YORK HEROES Soldiers of Yorkshire Regiment fly flag at Imphal Barracks BRISTOL RALLYING AROUND A car on painted roundabout YORKSHIRE HEAVENLY SIGHT
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