It's a cinch

It's a (dead) cinch.

Fig. It's a very easy task. (Dead means absolutely.) Tom: Did you figure out how to change the tire? Jane: Yep! It was a cinch. Altering clothes patterns is difficult for me, but for Mary, it's a dead cinch.
See also: cinch
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It tastes as good today as it did many years ago - and it's a cinch to make.
I can't say I understand how the sharpening is done, but I don't really care because I like the result, it's a cinch to implement and understanding the technology won't improve the outcome.
Sure, it's a cinch to hide behind puff-pastry rhetoric like "wildly unconventional" and "in the most unexpected ways" when you don't have a fucking clue what it is you're writing about.
So energetic and smart is Calhoun's staging, and with such tricky versatility is that set put to use, that it's a cinch to get swept along with the current of an easily digestible musical.
You know it's a cinch that there's going to be a clinch right before the closing credits.