in touch with

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*in touch with someone or something

1. Fig. in communication with someone or a group. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Are you in touch with your brother, or have you two grown apart? I am in touch with the person whom you asked about.
2. Fig. sympathetic or sensitive to someone or something; having good contact or rapport with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) We talk to each other, but we're not really in touch with each other.
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She encourages affection, spirituality and putting children in touch with the history of their families and ancestors.
INQ is known for bringing social applications to life on mobile by deeply integrating app functionality throughout the phone and delivering live streams to the home screen, making it easy to stay in touch with what friends and family are up to.
We're carrying out additional patrols to prevent offences from taking place and I'd ask anyone who sees any suspicious or unusual activity in their neighbourhood or who has information to get in touch with us.
Caribou Coffee is committed to staying in touch with our customers' needs and will use the branded service as a source of constant feedback.
I still keep in touch with my homeboys, but as far as being out on the streets that's not me anymore,'' said Jauregui, who was part of the Brownstones for more than a decade and served prison time for assault with a deadly weapon during a confrontation with a rival gang.
PhoneValet keeps track of your calls, dials numbers quickly and accurately, tells you who's calling and keeps you in touch with your calls while you're out.