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Miss Illes has been told to expect a reply in two or three weeks' time.
The implications Illes generalizes from a plant closing to other forms of downsizing (such as layoffs) are tenuous.
In accepting the closure decision uncritically, Illes emphasizes the measures the company took after the closure announcement to soften the blow to its workers.
Based in Carrollton, Texas, Illes Seasonings & Flavors is a manufacturer of liquid and dry food ingredients for food manufacturers, restaurants and beverage distributors across the U.
Illes said the symposium came about after a 2006 publication in the journal Science by researchers at the University of Cambridge in which they studied the brain activity of a woman who became minimally conscious after a traffic accident.
It characterizes the way people, scientists and organizations flock to and from certain ideas, tools and, like birds, goals and destinations," said Illes, who directs Stanford's Program in Neuroethics.
In pharmaceutical ads, people are encouraged to ask for their doctors' advice," Illes added.
Plastic surgery and neural enhancement both raise safety issues, Illes said.
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Contract notice: Cleaning of the buildings of the Special Delegation of Illes Balears, from 10.
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