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1. A gathering focused on personal pleasure involving music, drugs, and sexual acts. Margaret reminisced about when she used to attend love-ins in the '60s.
2. A situation involving lavish mutual praise and admiration. The office party became a love-in as the managers all congratulated each other on their various accomplishments.


Someone or something that is predicted to easily win a competition. Julia is a shoo-in for this year's spelling bee—she's the best speller in the whole town.

ins and outs (of something)

the correct and successful way to do something; the special things that one needs to know to do something. I don't understand the ins and outs of politics. Jane knows the ins and outs of repairing computers.
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the ins and outs of something

the details or facts about something In a matter of weeks we all became experts in the ins and outs of airline security. Hong was still learning the ins and outs of the North American market.
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the ins and outs

the details or facts about something (usually + of ) I don't know all the ins and outs of the situation but I gather Roger and Mark haven't been getting on too well.
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ins and outs

1. The intricate details of a situation or process. For example, It takes a newcomer some time to learn the ins and outs of the legislative process, or David really knows the ins and outs of how this engine works. This usage alludes to the tortuous windings and turnings of a road or path. [Second half of 1600s]
2. Those with position and influence and those without, especially those in office versus those who are not, as in "Juan stood well both with Ins and Outs" (Byron, Don Juan, 1823). [Mid-1700s]
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the ins and outs

n. the fine points (of something); the details; the intricacies. I’m learning the ins and outs of this business.
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1. n. an event during the 1960s where one or more couples made love in a public place. My uncle was at one of those love-ins, and he said if anything was going on, it was going on under blankets.
2. n. an event in the 1960s where everyone became euphoric—with the help of marijuana—about love and respect for their fellow humans. Everyone at the annual company love-in was throwing love bombs around at each other.


n. an easy winner. My horse was a shoo-in. It won by a mile.
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Dempsey write that, as the LA 8 case began its journey through the courts, Reagan's Justice Department discussed formalizing the practice of using the INS to deport immigrant activists who could not be sufficiently discouraged by criminal prosecution.
In January, the INS detained Khurram Ali, twenty-two, an engineering student at Hunter College in New York, for not paying his college fees, according to wire service reports.
Anyone who walks in voluntarily to register, I don't know why they're treated like a criminal,'' said Zahra Modjarad of Woodland Hills, whose son, 24-year-old Amin Modjarad, was arrested Monday at the INS office in downtown Los Angeles.
NAFSA's new executive director Marlene Johnson was personal friends with INS policy chief Robert Bach.
The INS has opposed their applications for relief of two of the LA-8 under the legalization provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), 1996, (132) on the basis of secret evidence.
Accordingly, the administration is merging INS and Social Security system databases to create a worker registry - a list of all people who are authorized to work in this country.
Wildes's other clients allege being "beaten up by INS guards, and left by the guards to be beaten up" by other inmates, he says.
One INS examiner in Baltimore was notorious for asking the question, "What was the last federal holiday?
In fact, the INS minted more citizens in 1993 than in any previous year, breaking a record set in 1944.
Hogan as the executive associate commissioner for operations at INS.
INS has a deep understanding of the key IT issues that face Canadian enterprises having worked with Canadian clients across a range of industries for more than a decade.
In a letter to the Immigration and Naturalization Service released late Wednesday, Riordan asked INS Commissioner Doris Meissner to assign more immigration staff inspectors to speed up the processing.
Before reforming immigration, a new report argues, replace the INS.
On that November day, agents of La Migra, as the INS is known in the Latino community, showed the principal of South High an arrest warrant and told him to order the two boys into his office.
a major program deficiency," is what Doris Meissner, a former INS acting commissioner, called it in a report with Demetrios Papademetriou for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.