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Accordingly, the diagnosis of IFS is now based on histopathologic evidence of soft-tissue invasion by fungal organisms.
Among the histopathologic criteria used to establish a diagnosis of chronic IFS is evidence of hyphal forms in the sinus mucosa, submucosa, blood vessels, or bone.
Focus groups and early adopter programs are a key way for IFS to keep the development process close to customers," Matthews said.
We are excited IFS has chosen the Windows Azure platform for the development of the IFS Touch Apps, since they are making advances in apps for the mobile workforce and use of cloud computing.
Offering ten years of IFS Applications experience, Khaga brings a depth of experience in IFS technology unmatched in the industry," Khaga President and CEO Rodney Francis said.
Solucorp has implemented a territorial licensing program for its IFS products both in the U.
IFS RE-ME-DI-ATE Haz-Metal Packing Chips provides safety from spills or leaks when shipping heavy metal laden products.
IFS RE-ME-DI-ATE Haz-Metal Spill Additive is used to cleanup heavy metals contaminated waste from floors or other areas where such waste is generated.
The IFS technology deals with pollution prevention rather than existing contamination problems.
Pursuant to this, the Company has also filed numerous "next generation" patents on the foundation of its MBS(R) and IFS patents with the U.
The products are integrated with IFS Applications, a suite of business solutions that are used in these industries mainly for asset maintenance and spare parts logistics.
The agreement with IFS expands our solutions in Scandinavia and provides an opportunity to collaborate on selling lifecycle solutions to asset-intensive companies worldwide," said Jeff Hollings, senior vice president, Bentley Plant.
Greenwich Insurance Company IFS 'AA'/Stable Outlook
The IFS technology is designed to offer consumer manufacturing institutions a "value added" alternative for consumer product safety by providing systems designed to eliminate heavy metals contamination simultaneous with the end of the useful life of the consumer products.
Solucorp's products are sold under the trade name IFS Lead Fix as both a powder additive to existing lead paint removers or as an environmentally friendly, self contained ("Gel") ready for easy applications for industrial and consumer use.