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n. IBM, International Business Machines stock shares. (see also big blue.) How much beam do you own?
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During our study, one timber bridge was demolished and replaced with a new I-beam bridge that lacked narrow spaces (bridge north of Derry, Table 1).
By the third lift, the I-beam was considerably more stable, because the student was doing a good job controlling the aircraft.
The I-joist, or I-beam, was developed around 1970 by Trus Joist Corp.
To make way for the uninterrupted opening in the old back wall, a steel I-beam was installed to support the load from above.
Inspired by structural I-beam geometry, the uniquely shaped and proprietary Rail is an alternative to the traditional round spinal rods offered with other products.
3m heavy-duty, double-deck vibrating grizzly feeder; a large-capacity truck dump hopper; a discharge conveyor; a heavy-duty galvanised I-beam frame; a wrap-around maintenance access platform; stairs; and guard rails.
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, 44,000 MT of I-beam no.
wide; underslung and top mount; cast-cap narrow I-beam mounts; weld-on and bolt-on hangers available; mounting heights from 6.
A cantilever I-beam with electric hoist and trolley automatically lifts and positions each bulk bag directly over a collection hopper, a Spout-Lock[R] clamp ring providing the high-integrity seal between the clean side of the bag spout and the clean side of the equipment to eliminate escape of materials and any associated dust particles.
Application categories include Service Entrance, Power Distribution, Underground/Direct Burial, Wire Management, Pool and Spa, Irreversible Grounding Grid, I-Beam Grounding, and Substation.
Graham continued, but would have required certified welders to cut and weld the rings/levels of I-beam and cut and grind them from the sheet pile at the time of removal.
The I-beam design eliminates the performance inhibiting downward flex you get with traditional round pole saws or extension saws.
Used for curing epoxy this large-capacity oven features 4" insulated walls throughout, aluminized steel interior and exterior, three independent doors for workspace access on the front of the oven, standard double doors on the rear of the oven, 2" insulated floor with three pairs of built-in truck wheel guide tracks and integral 6" I-beam supports to raise the oven above the factory floor.
It developed an I-beam of glass-filled PP/HDPE blend.
LEOMINSTER - A bridge on Route 12 was shut down last night while a construction crew tried to make repairs to an I-beam on the section of the bridge that covers the westbound lane of Route 2.