I don't blame you/her, etc.

I don't blame (someone)

It is completely reasonable and understandable why one would do, think, or believe something. A: "I was so disgusted by his accusations, that I packed up my things and left right then and there." B: "I don't blame you! I couldn't live with someone who had such terrible jealousy either." A: "John's taking some time off to clear his head for a while." B: "Of course, I don't blame him—no one should have to endure harassment like that."
See also: blame

I don’t ˈblame you/her, etc. (for doing something)

(spoken) used to say that you think what somebody did was reasonable and the right thing to do: ‘I just put the phone down when he said that.’ ‘I don’t blame you!’
See also: blame