I'm easy

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I'm easy (to please).

I accept that because I am not particular.; That's okay with me. Tom: Hey, man! Do you care if we get a sausage pizza rather than mushroom? Bob: Fine with me. I'm easy. Mary: How do you like this music? Bob: It's great, but I'm easy to please.
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I'm easy

COMMON When people say I'm easy, they mean that they do not mind which choice is made. Note: In the first idiom below, ABC is pronounced `a b c', as if you are spelling it out. `Shall we go now or later?' — `I'm easy — you decide.'
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I'm easy

said by someone when offered a choice to indicate that they have no particular preference. informal
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I’m ˈeasy

(British English, informal) used to say that you do not have a strong opinion when somebody has offered you a choice: ‘Tea or coffee?’ ‘Oh, I’m easy — I’ll have whatever you’re having.’
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He's done really well every time he's batted there, so I'm easy - very easy.
I'm easy for lobbyists to get in to see - both staff and me - we're not ones that shut it off," he said.
Favourite tipple A glass of wine, red or white Favourite food I'm easy to please because I'll eat most things.
The most important thing is getting the balance of the team right, and if that means me batting at six or seven I'm easy.
I'm easy whichever, and I will bowl whenever and as long as they want me to.
In her poem "I'll Laugh Everywhere, Weep Wherever I Can," for instance, Lazic writes, "They say I'm easy to fool / .
I built my businesses on the fact that I'm easy to talk to," she said.
It's for the board to decide - I'm easy either way," said Dragons director of rugby Jones.
The biggest misconception about me is that I'm easy going," said Feeney, who has appointed former Blackburn Rovers and Bolton defender Andy Todd as his assistant.
If someone wants to give me abuse or have a joke, I'm easy either way.
They say that I'm easy and I heard someone call me a slut.