I'm cool

I'm cool.

Inf. I'm fine. Bob: How you been? Fred: I'm cool, man. Yourself? Bob: The same. Father: How are you, son? Bill: I'm cool, Dad. Father (joking): So should I turn up the heat?
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References in classic literature ?
Well, I care nought about it--it will make little difference to me what you do or where you go; but I'm cool now--I want to dance again; and I see such a fine girl sitting in the corner of the sofa there by her mamma; see if I don't get her for a partner in a jiffy
His other famous tracks include Bittersweet Melody featuring Ultra NatA, Sambatucada, a remix of Mousse T's single Is It 'Cos I'm Cool, Watch Out, I Love Rock'n'Roll and his latest single I'm In Love.
Alys, I'm cool with whatever you wanna think, like, but so long as you're cool with me, you know, probably not believing it.
A romance in the jungle, it sounds like a good option but I'm cool.
I'm cool with all their fighting terrorism and all that, I'm cool with that.
The weather's hot but I'm cool thanks to the wind dancing around me as I climb from one side of the bike to the other.
Q: If I install a Cubicallar on my cubicle doorway, will my officemates think I'm cool or nerdy?
They don't think I'm cool at all," he says with a grin.
There were other new entries for US soul rock act Maroon 5 at number four with She Will Be Loved, Sugababes with Caught in a Moment at eight and dance act Mousse T with Is It Cos I'm Cool at nine.
I read your magazine and tell my friends that I can do hard tricks and they think I'm cool, I like to impress people with my skateboard tricks.
and Mary Said, "Hey, I'm Cool With That" (Annunciation).
Hart and his band's new album is out next month, with production by Danton Supple of Coldplay's X&Y fame, and Hart's happy to "pretend I'm cool by dissing them".
I'm cool with it and relaxed about it and we go from there.