I'm listening

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I'm listening.

 and I'm all ears.
Inf. You have my attention, so you should talk. Bob: Look, old pal. I want to talk to you about something. Tom: I'm listening. Bill: I guess I owe you an apology. Jane: I'm all ears.
See also: listen
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If you know of someone who would make a worthy subject, I'm all ears.
I don't think there's any other option, if there is I'm all ears and willing to listen.
If any Republican has a better idea, I'm all ears, but it's been over four years since the bill became law and I have yet to hear an alternate strategy from anyone in the GOP.
net if you have any pearls of wisdom to impart about this process, I'm all ears.
He will be watching his Republic of Ireland countrymen perform in Poland and Ukraine this summer and conceded: "If the opportunity comes again I'm all ears.
If anyone out there can tell me anything good about getting old, I'm all ears.
The reality is that the cost of energy is rising and if there are ways of saving cash then I'm all ears (I probably need to add a caveat here - if there are ways of saving cash I'm all ears, as long it isn't going to take a great deal of my time and isn't going to involve a huge outlay as my bank account is often emptier than a hermit's address book).
If he's got a plan, I'm all ears to what that plan is to improve security,'' he said.
And, along with the rest of the editors and reporters at HFN, I'm all ears.
Garfinkel told us that "if any of your readers have great online marketing success stories, I'm all ears.
I'm All Ears Club -- Now in its third year, the I'm All Ears Club is a Wednesday institution at Jean Parker.
If anyone can come up with an investment in the infrastructure which would have returned more for the taxpayer, I'm all ears.
But when they go over the corner stuff, I'm all ears.