I'll thank you to (do something)

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I'll thank you to (do something)

Used to instruct someone to do something in a polite but firm manner, especially when one is angered or annoyed by someone's words or actions. Often used in the negative. I'll thank you to sit quietly during the proceedings, Mr. Turner, unless directed otherwise by the court. Unless you have a warrant, I'll thank you not to go through my personal items!
See also: thank

I’ll thank you (not) to do something


I’ll thank you for something/for doing something

(formal, spoken) used when you are angry or annoyed, to ask somebody in a formal way (not) to do something: I’ll thank you not to interfere in my personal affairs.
See also: something, thank
References in classic literature ?
Now you have spoiled the sugar too; and I'll thank you to ring for some more, for here is Lord Lowborough at last; and I hope his lordship will condescend to sit down with us, such as we are, and allow me to give him some tea.
My name's Kate but from today you can call me Princess and I'll thank you to use the correct etiquette when addressing royalty.
Our family chooses to follow church teaching on this one, so I'll thank you to not so readily blur the lines in your Catholic publication.