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give hostage to fortune

To do or say something that could jeopardize future success or cause misfortune later on. With the economy at such a precarious level at the moment, the president made it clear that he would take no action that would give hostage to fortune.
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hostage to fortune

An act or situation that could create future problems. A company that publicly supports an unpopular political stance often creates a hostage to fortune.
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hold someone hostage

to keep someone as a hostage. The terrorists planned to hold everyone hostage in the airplane. My neighbor was held hostage in his own home by a robber.
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take someone hostage

to kidnap or seize someone to be a hostage. The terrorists planned to take the ambassador hostage. The entire family was taken hostage by the robber.
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a hostage to fortune

if something is a hostage to fortune, it could be harmed by things that happen in the future Inviting terrorists to take part in the talks has created a hostage to fortune. (formal)
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The man, known to have psychological problems, had earlier released two female hostages after receiving food and water.
The police had earlier said that the hostage-taker first demanded money, and when he was refused, a shot was fired and he took hostages.
Other security forces pursued the five hostage takers who had taken the opposite route as they fled, Rafal said.
The student first released five hostages around 9 p.
AS SAFIR said that it took six hours of negotiations between the security authorities and the inmates who threatened to kill the hostages and set cells inside the prison on fire.
Witnesses said Mendoza was initially willing to co-operate, but he was shot dead by police after authorities say he became violent and started shooting hostages.
There are four hostages in the bank, the rest have been freed," a senior police official told Reuters.
If any proof was needed of the grave danger that those hostages face, it is the appalling news that has come through today.
The BBC reported that the hostage in the video is Peter Moore and that he says the five are being treated well.
Mr Miliband said he was "extremely concerned" by the sit- uation involving the two British hostages in the Gulf of Aden but added that he could not comment on specific negotiations.
He said: "My first thoughts are with the five hostages and with their families, who have endured an enormous amount over these last six months, and I want to thank them for their bravery and their resilience.
Gunmen seized the seven hostages overnight from a supply vessel belonging to a subsidiary of the Italian oil giant Eni Spa off the coast of southern Nigeria in the latest attack by militants on oil facilities in the energy-rich region.
vigils were held and yellow ribbons were worn to signify concern for the hostages.
of New York) does not relate his study to current world events, his discussion of negotiations over hostages and power is relevant.
A CPT statement after the hostages were freed blamed the "illegal occupation of Iraq" for the seizure of the hostages.