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make a Horlicks of (something)

To ruin, bungle, or spoil something. Primarily heard in UK. I really made a Horlicks of that project at work—I'm going to get fired for sure! I'm afraid the accounting department made a complete Horlicks of these numbers. We'll need to tally the entire ledger again.
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make a Horlicks of

make a mess of. British informal
1988 Joanna Trollope The Choir He thought privately that they would make a fearful horlicks of running the choir.
See also: Horlicks, make, of
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Mix the cocoa and Horlicks together in the bottom of your jar.
HORLICKS is kissing its bedtime image goodnight as it tries to woo younger fans to counter sliding sales.
The party's immigration spokesman made a complete horlicks of his speech on how high street stores are using foreign workers.
As proud sponsors of Walking With The Wounded, Horlicks are collecting messages of support for the soldiers.
The group has added top FMCG brands from India -- Horlicks snack range from GlaxoSmithkline, MTR Foods, Parag Milk Foods, Nissin and Savory -- and will be the sole distributor in the UAE.
The new products launched include Horlicks Snack Range from GlaxoSmithkline, one of the largest consumer healthcare companies in the world with a global presence, MTR Foods, India's fastest growing food and spices brand, and Parag Milk Foods, one the fastest growing Private Sector Dairy Companies in India with Brands like Govardhan.
The famous brand promises to help consumers "unwind for a good night's sleep," simply by adding hot water to the Horlicks mixture.
The Bahrain India Educational and Cultural Forum (BIECF) Horlicks Quest 2010 will see children aged 12 to 16 from schools across the country test their knowledge of a number of subjects.
GLAXOSMITHKLINE said yesterday that sales of its bedtime drink Horlicks powered ahead 18% in the first half of the year and helped to offset slumping demand for Lucozade.
MY WEEK Punting high Sea The Stars, Sea The Stars and just for good measure Sea The Stars Punting low Making a total horlicks of Punchestown Derby watch Did Sea The Stars travel too well to be a 1m4f horse?
Adverts claiming that Horlicks makes children "taller, stronger and sharper" and Nestle's Maggi Noodles strengthen muscles and bones have been banned after they mistakenly appeared on UK television.
Which country was retaken from the Japanese during Operation Horlicks in 1944?
A soft local economy decreased demand for Dairy Industries Jamaica's Horlicks malted milk drink that it bottles and packages.