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Hilles Nossek y Risto Kunelius analizan, en el cuarto, la influencia de los discursos periodisticos extranjeros--que coinciden con los centros de poder--en la creacion de focos de atencion relacionados con el cambio climatico.
Thompson's initial letter to Hilles reveals that members of the temporary executive committee for the Indian Association had approached Hilles (and possibly Taft himself) in Washington Pc, hoping that the president would attend the opening session of the national conference and thus, through the stature of his office, raise the SAI'S national significance.
REYNOLDS: Well, we were indeed fortunate to be able to lure Ruth Barnes to Yale, but the same is true of Ian McClure, who is now our Susan Morse Hilles Chief Conservator and who was, at the time we recruited him, directing the Hamilton Kerr Institute while also serving as the painting conservator for the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge.
On their wheel loaders, for example, gears 2 and 4 wear out first, and Hilles can choose to replace only the worn gear wheels.
Also, Mazzeo, Hilles, and Zyontz [2011] analyze the data used in PWC [2009] and report no systematic upward bias in patent damage awards.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 28, 2012-Drew Hilles and Torsten Schulz join Jelli's management team(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Hilles corralled regular Republicans into a firm organization, and, as Gould describes, Taft's tour cemented his hold on the party for 1912.
This is one of the biggest ever giveaways in the World of Bingo' said William HillEs Head of Bingo Anna Conley, 'It's great to give something back to our Bingo community who are the main reason for our continued success.
60) Susan Ensign Hilles, born in 1933, had two "tricks" according to her mother: playing patty-cake and pointing to her curls when asked.
Correspondence to: Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard University, Hilles Library, 59 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
The teenagers, both aged 16, were identified as Mumen Hilles and Muntasser al-Batniji, AFP reportedEarlier, another three Palestinians, one of them a teenager, were injured by Israeli gunfire in two incidents near the Gaza-Israel border, medical and security sources said.
The two teens, both of whom were 16, were identified as Mumen Hilles and Muntasser Al-Batniji.
For about nine of the morning, the same being most fayrely and brightly spred, many of the inhabitants of these countreys prepared themselves to their affayres then they might see and perceive afar off as it were in the element huge and mighty hilles of water tombling over one another in such sort as if the greatest mountains in the world had overwhelmed the lowe villages or marshy grounds.
Meme si la generosite de Morse a l'egard des universites Dalhousie, Acadia et Harvard fut proverbiale, voire reconnue dans des catalogues imprimes publies par ces memes institutions ainsi que par un article ecrit par sa petite-fille, Susan Hilles Bush, et inclus dans The Book Disease: Atlantic Provinces Book Collectors (1996), son role dans la creation de cette collection n'a ete aborde que d'une facon superficielle.
Frederick Hilles (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1952), 76.