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my way or the highway

If you do not do things the way I want or require, then you can just leave or not participate. I'm here to create the best musicians in the world, so in this room, it's my way or the highway!
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highways and byways

Both major and minor or lesser-traveled roads. (Often used figuratively to describe paths taken in life.) I'm taking the summer to travel across the Midwest, driving through highways and byways to find all sorts of unique places. By highways and byways, he ended up making a life for himself in a small village in India.
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highway robbery

outrageous overpricing; a bill that is much higher than normally acceptable but must be paid. (As if one had been accosted and robbed on the open road or in broad daylight.) Four thousand dollars! That's highway robbery for one piece of furniture! I won't pay it! It's highway robbery!
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highways and byways

1. major and minor roads. The city council voted to plant new trees along all the highways and byways of the town.
2. Cliché routes and pathways, both major and minor. I hope I meet you again some day on life's highways and byways.
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highway robbery

The exaction of an exorbitantly high price or fee. For example, You paid ten dollars for that meat? That's highway robbery. This term, used figuratively since the late 1800s, alludes to literal robbery of travelers on or near a public road.
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highway robbery


daylight robbery

You use highway robbery or daylight robbery to describe a situation in which you are charged far too much money for something. They're charging ten bucks for the comics, which sounds like highway robbery to us. You have to pay thousands of dollars for the service. It's daylight robbery!
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ˌhighways and ˈbyways

(on/along) all the roads, large and small, of a country, an area, etc: She travelled the highways and byways of Scotland collecting folk songs and local traditions.
A byway is a small road.
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ˌmy way or the ˈhighway

(American English, informal) used to say that somebody else has either to agree with your opinion or to leave: Right now there is only one rule here. It’s my way or the highway.
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as hot as highway blacktop

Scorching. A typical summer day in the Deep South.
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15 billion 2016-17 Highways and Infrastructure Budget includes:
To get from Eugene to Coos Bay, for instance, you might take the Pacific Highway south to the Umpqua Highway, drive west to what used to be called the Theodore Roosevelt Highway, then follow what's now called the Oregon Coast Highway south to Coos Bay.
8 billion on Northern highways, the largest project being the four-laning of Highway 69 between Sudbury and Parry Sound.
The group divided into three theme-focused teams after identifying the following focus areas that offer the greatest potential to demonstrate Green Highways concepts:
This map is a conceptualization of the Super Highways now underway to connect the United Stales, Canada, and Mexico to help bring about the creation of a North American Union similar to the European Union.
And there are other frightening statistics: Colombia has only 400 kilometers of paved, double-lane highways.
The highway would face intense environmental scrutiny because about 90 percent of it would lie in the Angeles National Forest.
If it's done poorly, he suggests, congestion pricing would be operated as a mere revenue source to fund the construction of yet more highways.
Some modern historians, Gelernter says, suggest "that the Futurama exhibit was the launchpad of an evil GM scheme to foist highways on an unwilling public--and that is absurd.
In the end, the real hurdle to building automated highways may not be in the technology but in convincing lawmakers and the public that it wilt work reliably and safely.
He says highways in the Northeast are more costly to maintain because they're older, used by more out-of-state drivers, and hit with colder weather.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the construction of highways (including elevated), streets, roads, airport runways, public sidewalks, or bridges.
Drivers travelling on these highways can expect increased congestion and possible delays.
King also says Trout Lake Road--Highway 63 to Quebec--"is one of the busiest two-lane highways around" that hasn't seen since significant upgrades in years.
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