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splitting headache

A very intense, painful headache, i.e., one that makes one's head feel as though it is splitting apart. We were up all night drinking cheap wine, and I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. I've had this splitting headache for nearly four hours, and nothing I do seems to help.
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splitting headache

Fig. a severe headache, as if one's head were splitting open. I'm sorry, I can't. I have a splitting headache. Maybe Fred will play bridge with you. This splitting headache has been going on for hours.
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1. n. an annoying person or thing. Cars can be such a headache.
2. n. liquor. Pour me some more of that headache, will you?

headache department

1. n. a central source of unnecessary problems; a person who habitually causes problems. Here’s another memo from the headache department.
2. and headache house n. a liquor store or department. I stopped in at the headache house for some supplies.
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headache house

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headache man

n. a male law enforcement agent. The headache man was here to see you, Ernie.
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References in classic literature ?
I think that's a lovely description, headache and all
But I suppose she doesn't have a headache every day," she said sympathetically.
Her position on the heeling boat irked her, and she remembered the headache he had cured and the soothing rest that resided in him.
For three days this blinding headache lasted, and he suffered as wild animals suffer, as it seemed the way on ship to suffer, without plaint, without sympathy, utterly alone.
How can you expect me to go to church again," she asked, petulantly, "with such a headache as mine?
Her maid (the person with the cap-ribbons) was sent down-stairs to announce that her headache had returned.
I believe that Dalkeith pere is hanging round somewhere, and in view of my headache perhaps you had better remain in the background for the moment.
Norris, in a rather softened voice; "but I question whether her headache might not be caught then, sister.
I am afraid it was, indeed," said the more candid Lady Bertram, who had overheard her; "I am very much afraid she caught the headache there, for the heat was enough to kill anybody.
Objective: To determine the frequency of co-morbid common primary headaches among depressed patients.
Given the range of disorders that are implicated in manifesting as headache, a detailed analysis and interpretation of the pattern of headache would be of immense help in distinguishing the rarer life-threatening causes of secondary headaches from the more common primary headaches.
Distinction from other primary headaches especially from cluster headache (CH) is essential, which is an autonomic cephalgia occuring as paroxysmal excruciatingly severe unilateral pain grouped in cluster periods.
Most of the time, headaches are caused by hangovers, tension, or sinus problems during a weather change.
However, if you have headaches that frequently affect your ability to function, don't assume that there's no solution.
These should be correctly diagnosed without subjecting many patients who have benign headaches to expensive and potentially harmful over investigation.