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Allein Maliksi has made a name for himself as a reliable scorer-never gun shy and always ready to shoot.
That's the big reason why the Fed has been gun shy on raising rates," Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.
BACK TO BASICS Rehabilitating dogs that are bird shy, gun shy and/ or won't retrieve comes down to two basic principles.
After studying the Mexican ahead of the fight in Mexico City, Pendred insisted he was expecting a far more aggressive opponent and was forced to adapt to the gun shy version of Montano.
YTS is already embroiled in a series of copyright infringements suits relating to the thousands of movies available on its site, so it may be gun shy about courting more legal action.
Marsh further said it is a difficult situation and players' careers are at stake if umpires get it wrong, adding he thinks the umpires feel significant political pressure around this particular issue, therefore, the officials are a bit gun shy to go down the path of reporting players.
Nevertheless, Virtual Communications Express is focused at smaller administrations that are a bit gun shy about a heavy-duty communications distribution.
8220;They are gun shy about ramping up for future growth by hiring new, key people that are locked into high salaries without any real guarantee of getting a return on those comp dollars.
Corporate boards also are gun shy about authorizing purchases of business jets in the wake of the scourging of auto industry and banking executives for using business aircraft by Washington politicos," writes George.
They've been very gun shy, the Apple people," a source said.
He is convinced that many courts are gun shy to call any injury that occurs in a hospital a case of ordinary negligence.
We began serious training, but it wasn't long before I encountered a problem even greater than her penchant for destroying lounge covers: Jillian was gun shy.
He boxed well on the outside and was a little gun shy but what more do people expect?
Hunt's victims are killed by snakebites in Sticky Fingers and crucified in Fool on the Hill, a breath of fresh air for readers gun shy from too many shots in the dark.
Byrd said the hit he took on the Little Rock location (about $70,000 on the remodel plus operational losses) has him a little gun shy.