Great minds

Great minds (think alike).

something that you say when someone else has the same idea as you or makes the same suggestion 'Why don't we take a walk before dinner?' 'I was just going to say the same thing.' 'Ah, great minds think alike.'
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References in classic literature ?
This fact is interesting, as illustrating the secret connection and sympathy which always exist between great minds.
That the members of the aforesaid Corresponding Society be, and are hereby informed, that their proposal to pay the postage of their letters, and the carriage of their parcels, has been deliberated upon by this Association: that this Association considers such proposal worthy of the great minds from which it emanated, and that it hereby signifies its perfect acquiescence therein.
The whole sphere of knowledge had been subjected to the mere authority of the Bible and of a few great minds of the past, such as Aristotle.
I MENTIONED before that I had a great mind to see the whole island, and that I had travelled up the brook, and so on to where I built my bower, and where I had an opening quite to the sea, on the other side of the island.
I had a great mind to bring it home if I could, for I had often been musing whether it might not be possible to get a kid or two, and so raise a breed of tame goats, which might supply me when my powder and shot should be all spent.
I may yet show you how a great mind molds all Nature to its use.
This came to my ears before my new partner heard of it, and I had a great mind to buy it; so I went to him and told him of it.
Herbert Spencer," said the man at the desk in the library, "oh, yes, a great mind.
I've a great mind to try at it," said Grant, "for 'tis a poor thing not to be one's own master.
You should listen to me till you were tired, and advise me till you were still tired more; but it is impossible to put a hundredth part of my great mind on paper, so I will abstain altogether, and leave you to guess what you like.
I was a little surprised at first, but as I ventured to satisfy myself that he could not know me, I was not only perfectly easy, but had a great mind to see him, if it was possible to so do without his seeing me.
Mr Ellis was a guest of the LSBF Great Minds Live, a series of events aimed at bringing students, business and political leaders together to debate current issues related to economy, employment, business and finance.
For twenty-four years, Great Minds in STEM has recognized the achievements of America s top engineers and scientists within the Hispanic community during the HENAAC Conference.
This book examines forty eponymous laws of science, from Archimedes' Law of Buoyancy to Hubble's Law of Cosmic Expansion and the great minds behind them.
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