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Love blooms, but when Danny returns to school, he is surprised to find Sandy, who doesn't match the image he has built for himself as part of the greaser gang, the T-Birds.
1960s designer Mary Quant; Resplendent Flappers in 1929; It's the 1960s and the mini skirt reigns supreme; 80s shoulder pads were championed by the cast of Dynasty; Marlon Brando inspired the 1950s greaser image; Dressing down 1990s style; Flares dominated the 1970s; Victorian elegance with sweeping full-length dresses; A Victorian advert for corsets
Release 65 has been developed for use with band greasers and contains a blend of vegetable oil and beeswax.
It has equipped three bread lines and one roll line with tin greasers and top-of-dough greasers.
Bakels and Hamden have recently supplied a brush band greaser to Ginsters, manufacturers of savoury foods and desserts but probably best known for its pasties.
The most striking difference between these two groups is that the greasers come from low SES families while the Socs are from high SES families.
He is therefore able to act as a bridge between the greasers and the Socs and foster a reconciliation between the two groups at the novel's close.
The three greasers present a poignant example that there are other ways to achieve recognition and honor.
Hinton's classic young adult novel about the tension between two groups, the Greasers and the Socs.
Alpine seeds are the greasers of the garden - horticultural hardnuts.
Ideal for a family night out, or for fans who thirst to "B-pop" with the greasers.
The 10th annual Glendale Cruise Night has always had a '50s theme and encouraged greasers and bobby-soxers, but this year you'll get a chance to relive the '60s at the free family street festival.
Since those heady days of running skirmishes every Bank Holiday weekend between the greasers and the creasers (it was always entirely obvious which of the two owned an iron, as opposed to a Gene Vincent record) music has gradually shed its tribal skin.
Teddy boys, greasers and glam-rockers all take to the stage in the show, which features more than 80 hit songs.