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roll (over) in (one's) grave

To (hypothetically) show enormous anger, disfavor, or regret for something that happens after one has died. (That is, if someone were still alive, he or she would be greatly upset, angered, or disgusted by what has happened.) I can't believe you're using our employees' pension payments to prop up a Ponzi scheme. The founder of this once-great company would be rolling in his grave to see its directors stoop so low. Your poor mother would roll over in her grave if she heard the horrible things you were saying about your sister. I can't believe you wrecked your grandfather's prized vintage Ford Mustang. That's enough to make him roll over in his grave!
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swear on (one's) mother's grave

To make a very serious, solemn pledge, especially that one is telling the truth. Janet has sworn on her mother's grave that she wasn't the one to betray me, and I believe her. I swear on my mother's grave that if I have a chance to help your campaign, I will.
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dig (one's) own grave

To do something that has or will have negative consequences that are easily able to be foreseen. If you don't turn in your project, you're digging your own grave. There's no way you'll get a decent grade without it! I'm afraid I'm digging my own grave by turning down the promotion.
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go to (one's) grave

To die. I'm just worried that you'll go to your grave angry at your sister.
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make (one) turn over in (one's) grave

Figuratively, to upset someone who is dead and buried. The way you dress would make your grandmother turn over in her grave.
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