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1. noun Someone who exclusively follows the rules and caters to authority figures; a teacher's pet. Jill's classmates called her a goody-goody after she volunteered to supervise the class while the teacher was away.
2. adjective Self-righteous or sanctimonious. Forget your goody-goody rules and go out on a school night for once!

a ˈgoody-goody


a goody ˈtwo-shoes

(informal, disapproving) a person who behaves very well to please people in authority such as parents or teachers: Don’t be such a goody-goody!He’s a real goody two-shoes. He’d never do anything that might get him into trouble.
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The center is 92 percent leased to anchors Sprouts Farmers Market and Ross Dress for Less in addition to Goody Goody Liquor, Dollar Tree, Five Below, Panera Bread and Leslie s Pool.
Anne Hathaway is the target for Hathahaters, people who hate her for no reason except that she seems like a goody goody.
Two Lovers, from the following year, boasted songs written for Mary, other than the US hit title track, flip side Operator and Johnny Mercer's Goody Goody.
Candy recipes are included in Sammi Carter's GOODY GOODY GUNSHOTS (9780425223321, $6.
The backbone of his act relies on Bobby Darin swing era favourites, such as Up the Lazy River, Beyond the Sea, Goody Goody and a bravura Mack the Knife.
A vegetarian since the age of seven, goody goody Hannah also practices what she preaches at home, "I grow my own tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, garlic, onions and corn, and I don't have to go to the supermarket very often.
The various principals became more and more captivated by Varian's War because in Chetwynd's script Fry was neither a macho action figure nor a bloodless goody goody.
BROOKSIDES Emily Shadwick went from goody goody schoolgirl to teenage tearaway following the death of her father Greg and brother Jason in the Millennium Club bomb blast last year.
What they do know is young Elisabeth wasn't a goody goody - rather like Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, she enjoyed some near the knuckle sexual sports.
And there are many companies that have moved their company culture in that direction, eschewing any more upright approach as being too pure, or too black and white, too goody goody.
Guests will not only taste wines from the Beaujolais region, the event's signature Sommelier Sponsor, Goody Goody Wine & Spirits, will also have premium Texas vintages to savor.
These were Why Do Fools Fall In Love, I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent, Baby Baby and Goody Goody.
That would be too easy, but I'm not goody goody either.
I was a bit of a class rebel at first but I'm afraid I became a bit of a goody goody in the sixth form.