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A person or thing that is doomed or destined for failure. If he jumps out of that plane and his parachute doesn't open, he's a goner. I'm a goner if my parents find out I dented the car.

(a) goner

a dead or dying creature or person. The boy brought the sick fish back to the pet store to get his money back. "This one is a goner," he said. John thought he was a goner when his parachute didn't open.

a goner

Something or someone that is dead, doomed, ruined, or past recovery, as in If this new drug doesn't work, he's a goner; or Without a working transmission, my car's a goner. Synonyms of this idiom, such as a gone goose or chicken or gosling , are no longer heard as much. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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n. someone or something finished or nearly finished. The horse was a goner, so it had to be destroyed.
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Glyn Johns and his even hand-produced Slow Turning--Hiatt and the Goners, assisted by Don Smith, produced Exterior, resulting in an equality of sound that Johns had previously tipped in Hiatt's direction.
Q: Last year, I had only one round of blooms from my Acanthus mollis and they were so slow about regenerating their leaves I thought they were goners.
81, to his work with John Hiatt's band, The Goners, to this latest solo collection, Landreth's unique slide guitar style has grown with depth, maturity, and complexity.
The Brandywell men looked goners as the classy Turks ran up a 2-0 lead inside 15 minutes of their second qualifying round, first leg on the Black Sea coast on Thursday night.
Reuniting with his crack roadhouse rock band the Goners for the first time in a decade, Hiatt has produced an album of anthems steeped in clear-eyed nostalgia that boomers facing middle age will surely appreciate.
Forwards Lamond Murray and Rodney Rogers, center Stojko Vrankovic (who represents $4 million in salary-cap gravy) and point guard Darrick Martin figure to be goners.
He added: "We thought we were goners, we really thought that this was it - game over.